The latest work by performance artist Marina Abramović – who last year was given a retrospective at New York’s MoMA where she famously spent 700 hours sitting in a chair staring at visitors – is not one of her signature art installations but instead is the Volcano Flambé dessert. Created in collaboration with executive chef of New York’s Park Avenue Winter Restaurant, Kevin Lasko, this is not merely a dessert to eat but one you take part in. Before the pudding is served, diners are given a lab coat to wear and a box that contains headphones and an MP3 player. As Abramović’s hushed voice plays and explains her culinary creation, Volcano Flambé arrives: dark chocolate ice cream, almond sponge cake and banana mousse encased in Swiss meringue, topped with chocolate crumbs with gold sugar accent and set afire with dark rum. It is Abramović’s spin on the traditional Baked Alaska pudding that “takes diners on a journey of hot and cold, soft and hard, dark and light, and sweet and savoury” – rich in taste, experience and artistic flair.

Volcano Flambé is served until March 20. Park Avenue Winter restaurant will collaborate with artists Janine Antoni, Paul Ramirez Jonas and Michael Rakowitz later in 2011.