Fast and furious in the bucolic hills of Provence – discover a destination guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

You could call it a motor hotel. But the color TV isn't advertised in neon. And there are no caravans pulling into its lot. In fact, the wheels squealing up to this exclusive retreat, set in the hills of Provence overlooking the French Riviera, belong to Ferraris, Porsches, Bugattis, Dodge Vipers... in short, the fastest, the most powerful, and the most expensive cars in the world. Opened by former race car driver and Grand Prix promoter, Philippe Gurdjian, the Hotel de Castellet is a 4-star luxury resort located directly across the Circuit Paul Ricard, one of the world's most avant-garde and high-tech private test tracks. The site is also served by the most sophisticated private airport in Europe.

"The fact that we offer a state-of-the-art test track, a VIP private airport, and a luxury hotel in one package makes this destination completely unique," said Gurdjian. "There's nothing else like it in the world."

It's the kind of fantasy that will make most grown men weep with desire: Pick a car, any car. Gurdjian will arrange to have it delivered ahead of your arrival. Fly in by private jet or helicopter and be welcomed like a VIP. Check into your luxurious hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where you can play a round of golf on the 4-hole course. When you're geared up and ready to go, get behind the wheel and go for a spin, driving as fast as you want on one of the safest and most sophisticated test tracks in the world. For a play by play of what you can expect, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines...

- The airport + helicopter service

The Hotel de Castellet and the Circuit Paul Ricard may be accessible by road or rail. But let's face it. The only way to arrive is by air – in a Gulfstream jet, perhaps, or a twin-engine helicopter. Having already arranged for your McLaren F1 to be delivered ahead of your arrival, you will touch down at the modern Aéroport du Castellet, the French Riviera's most sophisticated airport. As the pilot parks your jet in one of the spacious hangars, enjoy the view of the Mediterranean from the tarmac, set 1370 feet above sea level. Then amble over to the newly-updated passenger terminal where you can hop on a shuttle that will ferry you directly to the hotel. Don't worry about your pilot or the aircrew. There is a comfortable hotel on the grounds reserved just for them. Oh, and should you wish to drop into St. Tropez, Marseilles or the Cote d'Azur for lunch during your stay, a flock of top-of-the-range Helibird choppers are on hand to fly you over.

– The Hotel du Castellet

Apart from its proximity to the test track, the Hotel du Castellet also boasts a 100 hectare park with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, outdoor and indoor pools, tennis courts, a pine forest lined with jogging and mountain biking paths, and a private 4-hole golf course – perfect diversions for traveling companions who prefer to seek their thrills off the test track. The hotel is also located near four larger golf courses in the area. Whatever activity you indulge in, however, get energized first with a gourmet meal on the shady terrace of the charming restaurant, which serves French and Provencal cuisine washed down with fine wines from the cellar. And should you wish to taste a bit of local life too, the medieval village of Le Castellet is only a stone's throw away.

– The Test Track

Okay, let's cut to the chase. The hotel's lovely, but you're here for one thing only: to retrace the skid marks of Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell on Paul Ricard's High Tech Test Track. Originally created in 1970, the circuit has since been completely updated to become one of the most technically advanced and safest test tracks in the world. Speed through more than 50 different routes and test your skills against new curves and turns. When you've grown bored of wearing down your own tires, you can head over to the Karting Test Track, a professional, 964-meter circuit for kart racing and training. No need to bring your own vehicle though. Two types of karts, including a GTS Master 4 stroke / 270cc / 11hp for experienced drivers, are available for your sporting pleasure.