It’s not the latest batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie that hits cinemas next week. Nor is it the sort of outlandish concept sketch that will never make it to production. Instead, the Z-Boat pictured here is a vessel designed by Zaha Hadid that will set sail in a limited edition armada of 12 in the spring of 2013. A piece of sculpture-at-sea, it was commissioned by London-based art dealer Kenny Schachter as part of his Rove Cars project that has previously produced Hadid’s Z-Car prototype. Working on the basis that during summer his collector clients become captains of the sea, Schachter asked the architect and uber-designer to conceive the 7.47m boat that will be built in France by Shoreteam. He will keep the black version for himself – which he describes as, “strong sculptural and a little menacing” – and it will also be possible to order the burst of angles in white, gray and blue. High design on the high seas comes with a gallery worthy price: €375,000 with orders now being taken via Rove Gallery, London.