What: A secret hideaway hotel that's so ecologically friendly you won't ever feel guilty about taking that extra week's vacation.

Where: The hotel is located at Siwa, an oasis in the middle of the Egyptian Sahara. Populated by Bedouin nomads, the resort is over 200 miles away from the nearest town, and guests get to experience the ultimate luxury of staying in a completely natural paradise.

Why: Constructed out of kershef, a combination of mud and rock salt taken from the large salt lake adjacent, the hotel is a maze of corridors and rooms. Built into the surroundings, the ecolodge is a perfect example of blending life with nature without harming the surroundings. This is also apparent in the bedrooms, where, apart from certain exceptions, all of the furniture is fashioned in the same manner as the walls. The beds, the armchairs—everything is made of kershef. Due to a complete lack of electricity, it is at night time that the true charm of the resort comes out, when beeswax candles in every nook and cranny give a warm glow that illuminates the hotel in all its rustic beauty.