What: Castillo de Buen Amor otherwise known as a "castle on a plain" was declared a national monument in 1931. Now a luxury hotel, the historic Castillo is made up of 44 guestrooms and suites.

Where: Located in the center of Castilla y Leon, 15 minutes drive from the city of Salamanca and close to the Portugese border west of Madrid, Spain.

Why: In passing hands numerous times through the centuries, this castle has seen it all. Dating back the 11th Century it belonged to the Duke of Alba but was subsequently given to King Ferdinand I and later on sold to the Fonseca family who refurbished it into one of the finest palaces in the country. The accommodations are unexpectedly spacious, sometimes located under the domes of the turrets and have been finished with furnishings that are modern yet manage to blend effortlessly into the authentic atmosphere of the castilo. The cuisine, a fusion of Mediterranean and local specialties can be sampled in the restaurant located in the castle's former dungeon and activities include a swimming in the large pool or the option to play golf or go horse-back riding around the beautiful countryside.