Beijing, China

WHAT: An exceptional private collection of contemporary houses designed by 12 Asian architects.
WHERE: By the Great Wall.
WHY: The houses in the Commune contain furniture and other interior decoration by distinguished designers, such as Serge Mouille, Thierry Hoppe, Von Robinson, Philippe Starck, Alex Strub, Claudio Colucci, Ross Menuez, Kaname Okajima, Jonas Damon, Karim Rashid, Matthew Hilton, Marc Newson, and Michael Young. Originally conceived as a showcase for Asian architecture, Commune is eccentric and offers something more than the usual plush of expensive, multi-starred retreats. Instead, guests can rent what one architect calls "an advanced contemporary architectural experience."
DID YOU KNOW: It was exhibited at Venice Biennale in 2002 winning a special prize. Ms Zhang Xin, the mastermind and investor for the project, was recognized for her “bold personal initiative which emphasizes the role of 12 Asian architects in building privately-owned houses in a definitively contemporary manner.”
The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris now houses the architectural model, made of wood and cardboard, the first object in its permanent collection from China.

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