What: A 15th century convent that has been magnificently restored into a superb first-class luxury hotel and spa.

Where: Southeast of Lisbon in the countryside near the historic city Évora, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Why: If the hotel’s strikingly sumptuous landscape fails to entice, then its six-room treatment ESPA and beautiful pink marble chapel (formerly a place of pilgrimage for Portugal’s monarchs) certainly will. This hotel is extraordinary and the renovation reflects that. The whitewash exterior walls and much of the interior architecture is pristinely intact; original arches and painted stone preserve the austere atmosphere that once existed in this ancient abode. A glimmer of modernity shines through the lighting and furniture designs, however, and the old water deposit station has been converted into a wine and tapas tasting corner. The three restaurants are in what were previously used as the old wine cellar, cloisters and kitchen. And all of the bedrooms located in the old convent have been tastefully designed to befit the splendor that is this five star sanctuary, each one complete with modern appliances and Bulgari bathroom toiletries.