What: Described as a base point from which to visit one of the world’s greatest natural landscapes, the Hotel de Larache is a 55-luxury bedroom hotel.
Where: Situated between the vast Pacific Ocean and the commanding Andes mountain range, the hotel can be found in one of the driest areas in the world, the Atacama Desert.
Why: For over 3,000 years, the Atacama has witnessed the many different cultures of South America pass across its territory. The Incas, the colonizing Spanish and the Bolivians all have left traces of their history scattered over the land, as can be seen in the many monuments, churches and small villages dotted throughout. As for the Hotel de Larache, the accommodations are spacious and comfortable, the facilities abundant and the views magnificent. However, it is on organized excursions to visit the peaks of the Andes, the Tatio geysers, and the region’s volcanoes and salt flats that guests are really offered wonderful vantage points from which to absorb the natural splendor of the region. Classified according to difficulty and duration, and taking place either on foot or horseback, by bike or by van, there’s an expedition for everyone. A bit of exercise that will ensure even the most restless sleeper a good night’s rest.