Fazenda São Francisco de Corumbau

What: A boutique hotel made up of suites and bungalows that makes for the perfect place to sit back, relax and soak up some of that beautiful Brazilian weather.

Where: The hotel is located on the South East coast of Brazil, in a region known as Bahia.

Why: Referred to as a “farm amid a grove of nut palm trees” by the owners of the hotel, Fazenda São Francisco de Corumbau must be one of the most luxurious farms one can visit. White sands stretch for over two kilometers in front of the hotel and wonderful views of the sunsets and sunrises beyond the horizon can be seen from the expansive swimming pool. The bungalows and suites offer absolute privacy and all have large terraces from which to marvel at the Atlantic Ocean. Activities are in abundance providing guests with the facilities to go horseback riding, hiking, diving or sailing and the restaurant offers the perfect way to dine on the many local seafood delicacies from the region.

Fazenda São Francisco de Corumbau
Ponta do Corumbau
Caixa Postal 62 cep 45836-000
T.+55 (73) 3294 2250