Architect: Jacques Ferrier

What: For the French pavilion, the Paris-based architect Jacques Ferrier created a structure that incorporates the best of France – that is gourmet food, important art and meticulous landscaping. Designed specifically for Chinese visitors, the entrance to the pavilion is clad in a contemporary take on a formal French garden, which is in fact a vertical garden similar to the “green walls” created by Patrick Blanc. Elsewhere outside, steel latticework is suspended over a mirror pool, a feature that Ferrier refers to as an illustration of French engineering prowess.

Beginning on the top floor, the exhibition inside the pavilion celebrates the dialogue between China and France and ends with seven Impressionist masterpieces never before seen in China and lent for the occasion by the Musee d’Orsay. The French pavilion has proved a hit with visitors, not least because of its top floor restaurant, 6Sens, run by the Pourcel brothers and decorated as “a contemporary echo of the golden age of Louis XIV and Versailles.”