What: A modern-day imperial compound, this deluxe resort encompasses a luxury 5-star hotel and sumptuous villas blending traditional and modern styles, fostering a rarified atmosphere of comfort and elegance.

Where: Fuchun resort is nestled in the lush tea-covered hills of Fuyang Village in Hangzou, where celebrated Yuan dynasty painter Wang Gonwang went into exile nearly 700 years ago to paint his phenomenal work, Picture Scroll of Fuchun Chalet. Today, at the exact location depicted in Gonwang's scroll, Fuchun resort has beautifully come to life.

Why: Each of the resort's five stunning hillside villas –featuring 4 elegant master bedrooms and a private indoor swimming pool- were designed by Jean-Michel Gathy of Aman resort fame. They afford spectacular views of the area's unique scenery: one can almost imagine dragons lurking in the mist shrouding the mountains. Equally breathtaking is the Fuchun's award-winning golf course, sculpted from the hills of the surrounding tea plantation, which present a challenge for players of all skill levels.