Contemporary Hotel

Hospes Maricel

What: A soaring, seductive hotel where sea views grace your line of sight from sunrise to sunset.

Where: On the Mediterranean island of Mallorca in a restored 1940s.

Why: In a restored 1940s palace that is a historic landmark in this village four kilometers from Palma, inspired by the style of the 16th and 17th century regional architecture of Mallorca, Hospes Maricel has been offering its visitors exquisite stays since 2002. And all the possibilities are indeed delicious in this 29-room 5-star hotel. From a gourmet bite to eat in the morning to a cocktail overlooking the sea with the sounds of jazz music wafting into the starry night on Thursday evenings, the days span from pleasure to pleasure. But what really makes Hospes Maricel special is that all the senses are brought to life—with panoramic views, the scents and savors of the South, delicious natural textures and of course, Egyptian cotton sheets. From the private pool and stunning private jetty, get the best of seaside comfort. A place for relaxation but also perpetual delight.