What: Seductively tucked away among shady cedar trees, Les Prés d'Eugénie is Michel and Christine Guérard's complex of luxury residences; La Maison Rose, La Ferme aux Grives and Le Couvent des Herbes hotel.

Where: Amidst the emerald slopes of the picturesque village of Eugénie-les-bains, a former colonial hamlet, which lies between Biarritz and Toulouse.

Why: The focus is on well-being as each hotel is situated around the hotel's La Ferme Thermale Roman spa and Michel Guérard's three star Michelin award-winning restaurant. Each day the culinary guru concocts not one but three separate menus, to cater to every taste; home-style and low-fat fare each day. This is gourmet heaven, even for those watching their waistline.