What: An irresistible picture-postcard perfect combination of secluded beaches, outstanding accommodation and seabed treasures, Lizard Island is one of Australia's most isolated and spectacular resorts. Each of the 40 stylish rooms boast comfy daybeds and hammocks specially positioned so guests can leisurely take in awesome views of the Great Barrier Reef.

Where: Located 27 km from the Queensland coast, this secluded island right on the Great Barrier Reef was first discovered by Captain Cook who named it after the large monitor lizards he saw everywhere around it. The island is actually a national park featuring everything from rain forests to a mind-boggling 24 beaches – which means you can enjoy a gourmet picnic on your own untouched stretch of white sand if your heart so desires.

Why: Lizard Island is supremely romantic- in fact actor Russell Crowe chose to have his honeymoon here last year. During the day lovebirds can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime by scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters nearby. They can then unwind in high style at the ultra-lush Azure spa. The nights here are equally unforgettable thanks to the fine dining and fantastic service at the Osprey restaurant, overlooking the beach, as well the pleasure of falling asleep caressed by a lovely sea-breeze.