What: A private luxury retreat made up of a seven-bedroom villa, 88-foot swimming pool and a three -bedroom beach house.

Where: Perched on its own private peninsula on the south west of Grenada.

Why: The Mount Harmon Bay estate is as luxurious a hideaway as they come. Built into the hillside and with a grass-covered roof, on arrival by sea the house looks like you’re stepping onto the land of the hobbits. Nevertheless, appearances can be deceptive. Of modern design outside and in, the estate has it all covered: the bedrooms are spacious and very comfortable and the bathrooms large. The bonus of having your own private retreat with your own award-winning chef is the possibility of creating your own personalized menu using only the finest in fresh, local ingredients. If lounging by the enormous swimming pool seems too relaxing then maybe gliding across the sea on the motor cruiser, jet boats or sea scooters might be more enticing. For those who prefer to roam on land, why not visit the tropical rainforest on one of the Mitsubishi Shoguns? There is one slight problem that you might want to prepare yourself for… never wanting to leave.