Niki Club

What: A Terence Conran-designed natural hot spring resort where an east-meets-west attitude toward relaxation and design is perfect for those who wish to reconnect with nature.

Where: Just an hour’s drive from the urban sprawl of Tokyo, the Niki Club is located on 35 acres of forests and meadows divided by trickling streams.

Why: When a country can boast about having “the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world” in their capital city, that of Shibuya Station in Tokyo, it’s not hard to understand why the need for an experience in utter relaxation comes into play. In order to restore this equilibrium between the social and the personal, throughout history the Japanese have visited spring baths. Here, just outside of Tokyo, the Niki Club proposes to “offer a journey of discovery” to its guests, and does this by offering not only traditional Japanese baths, but also an aroma-treatment salon and a modern spa with relaxation lounge. Visitors stay in accommodations that resemble large modern wooden cubes, scattered amongst the cedar trees, and which feature comfortable, spacious interiors with wooden floors and earthy tones that give a sensation of sleeping at one with nature.

2301 Takakuotsu Michishita
Tochigi-ken 325-0303