What: Leave your worries on the doorstep while in Sweden, with everything from fire safety to seasonal lighting quickly taken in hand, leaving you with nothing but easygoing pleasure.
Where: Located in the heart of Stockholm, with the business district at hand, along with the enticements of shopping and entertainment, as well as the most striking architectural design in recent years.
Why: From its 175 rooms, with their clean lines and sparse restraint in the use of color, matched with rich, deep lighting effects, to its panoramic meeting and conference rooms with a breathtaking look out over the Swedish metropolis, the Nordic Light Hotel strives for high-sheen excellence. With fantastic side offerings such as light therapy available during the dark seasons to avoid the winter blues, high-end dining and a prestigious wine cellar that houses one of the largest collections of American wines in the world, the Nordic Light caps off its quest for excellence with the highest classification for fire safety in Sweden, as well as top-notch door locks, peek-holes, and of course, well-manned, discreet security below. So relax, you’re in safe hands.