What: A resort with 20 bungalows offering seaside views, spread out across 20 acres of breathtaking cliffs and beachfront.
Where: Overlooking a bay on the Emerald Coast of Brazil.
Why: You step outside your bungalow onto a secluded golden beach, with three tiny islands forming a saltwater pool before you and the banana trees of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest rustling in the wind behind. In the brilliant morning sun, you might avail yourself of a pleasure cruise up the coast, go boating or kayaking, or opt for some scuba diving in the transparent turquoise sea—some of the activities the resort offers its clientele. But you may just have trouble taking that step out the door, and instead settle back into a hot, bubbling Jacuzzi overlooking the sea. Everything at the resort is set to swaddle you in the softest luxury imaginable, from the high-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets to the private Jacuzzis and saunas in each bungalow, from the flat-screen TVs, high-speed internet and home theaters, to the fireplaces, extensive gastronomic offerings and striking sea views all around.