Not a hotel. This is one of the most striking landscapes in on the planet, a mixture of salt lakes, mountainous sand dunes, hot springs and geysers. It is (unofficially) one of the wonders of the world. In short: a once in a lifetime trip.


In the El Loa Province of the Antofagasta Region of Chile, near the Licanabur volcano. It’s on Earth but you might think you’re on the moon.


It’s like nothing have seen before or will see again. But more than just a vista, San Pedro de Atacama offers spectacular hiking, visits to mud hut villages untouched by modern life, and the opportunity to bathe in hot bubbling natural lagoons that are said to cure ailments. The animal life the area supports is equally impressive: llamas, vicunas (like smaller llamas with less hair), flamingos, viscachas (a cross between a rabbit and a chinchilla), and foxes. There is no hint of luxury here in the traditional sense but few landscapes surpass San Pedro de Atacama in terms of its sheer natural beauty.