What: Started as a partnership between a hotel company and the local Masai tribe, Shompole attracts visitors who not only would like to witness some of the game that inhabit the surrounding terrains, but also gain insight into the local culture.

Where: Located in southern Kenya, the resort is not far from the Tanzanian border in the Great Rift Valley.

Why: Operated by both a private safari company and members of the Masai tribes, Shompole is as eco-friendly as they come. Constructed out of local quartz, with roofing of pale thatch, the resort blends effortlessly into the natural surroundings.
Of great design, the lodge is positioned on a slope so that it receives a wonderfully cool breeze in each room. Water flows through all of the rooms and collects in cool pools for guests to lounge in while staring out into the broad landscape. Safaris to view the lions, elephants and cheetahs, breakfast on the plains or visits to the Shompole village on market day offer the chance to observe every aspect of the environment, from the natural to the social, and trips to the soda lakes of Magadi and Natron are a must if you are curious to see one of the only flamingo breeding habitats.