What: A newly refurnished 18th-century mansion, once the property of the wealthy Russian Count Alexander Sheremetev.
Where: In the historic center of St. Petersburg, with state rooms overlooking the banks of the Neva and windows giving onto a splendid panoramic view of the river and its fortress and bridge.
Why: Sumptuous luxury has remained at the fore after the refurbishments to this magnificent palace, which was once in noble hands – it was a wedding present to the then 24-year-old Count Alexander Sheremetev from his parents – and is now open to the noble of spirit who are fortunate enough to find themselves in the sumptuous surround of its walls within the center of historic St. Petersburg. With just 7 rooms capable of receiving up to 20 guests, catered to by three restaurants, along with galleries, halls, drawing rooms, a library, a wellness center and Winter Garden, the pampered guest will want for nothing, and may just have trouble leaving the gilt and marble for the city outside.