What: First and foremost an unadulterated golf resort, now outfitted with a luxurious and extraordinary Golden Door Spa, one could say it's the perfect balance of sport and relaxation.

Where: Set amid the dramatic and astonishing surroundings of some 12-million-year-old boulders in the Sonoran desert, Arizona.

Why: It is the paradox of the rugged terrain and untouched splendor of the Sonoran desert meeting an exquisitely modern resort that makes a stay at Boulders a unique experience. Cacti, sun splashed rock and the still arroyos form the picturesque scenery of the resort, offering a blissful stroll to all of the luxuriously outfitted accommodations, which are made up of casitas, suites and villas. For the golfers, Boulders has two championship courses that command sweeping views of the breathtaking surroundings, perfect for a late tee-off to witness the sun descending on the foothills beyond the fairways. A 33,000-square-foot spa lies adjacent, offering 24 treatment rooms and an abundance of facilities – from a meditation labyrinth and a movement studio (with classes in yoga, pilates and tai chi) to an underwater experience known as a Watsu, designed to give guests that sensation of being back in the womb.