What: A traditional lake resort that looks like a lodge should. Wood cabins, jetties and comfortable interiors have ensured that it has become one of the United States’ most exclusive destinations.

Where: Positioned on the edge of Upper Saranac Lake, the Point lies within the Adirondack region, three hours from Albany, New York.

Why: Built by a great-nephew of the great John D. Rockefeller, this is where the crème de la crème of New York society has been coming for over twenty years. It is a veritable haven of privacy, with the surrounding forest and access only from a long driveway or by boat. Perfect for vacationing all year round, the resort has numerous activities that change with the seasons. Guests can choose such sports as tennis in summer, skating in winter and hiking all year round, along with the wonderful sailing and fishing on the vast lake. The suites are appointed as you would expect in a log cabin: big four poster beds, large armchairs, wooden floors, large rugs and of course, the obligatory antlers above the fireplace. In the kitchen, staff have been trained by three Michelin Star chef Albert Roux, ensuring that dining is always an absolute delight—and in order to make it extra special, menus don’t exist here. Instead, guests are treated to dishes created according to their own personal dietary requirements and preferences.

The Point
P.O. Box 1327
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
T.: +1 518 891 5674
F.: +1 518 891 1152