What: An impressive five star luxury resort with a newly designed exceptional spa facility.

Where: In Arosa, an alpine village in Western Switzerland.

Why: By enlisting the help of Mario Botta, the man credited for the renovation of La Scala in Mian, Tschuggen boasts one of the most avant-garde spa's in the world, an attribute that has helped the Grand Hotel cement its position as one of best ski resort hotels in the world. Perched 1800m above sea level, the surroundings provide enough activities to keep any restless soul entertained. From cross-country skiing and figure skating to horse races on the frozen lake, there's a plethora of exciting adventures just waiting to be had. The bedrooms and suites are bright, colorful and exceedingly comfortable and include hidden televisions, leather headboards and large windows in which to admire the surrounding vista of the magnificent Graubunden landscape. The four on-site restaurants provide a wide selection of cuisines — from fondue to foie-gras, the variety of options will leave no guest disappointed.