What: A secluded geothermal spring resort hotel surrounded by forest and mists that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Where: Beside Beitou, one hour north of Taipei, where the Chingshan peaks have been the source of Asia's mystical fascination with ancient hot water springs for over a century.

Why: On entering Villa 32, one quickly notices how an abundance of water prevails throughout, aiding guests to quickly assimilate into its calming, relaxed and luxurious atmosphere. The five guest rooms have been influenced by European and Japanese design, with each suite containing a semi-enclosed hot spring bath or a private hot-and-cold bathing pool along with furniture and appliances that have been carefully selected to meet the highest of grades. It's not just the hardwood bridges lined with candles guiding your path around the resort that make Villa 32 different, it's also from the impressive collection of vintage French reds in the wine museum to the sumptuous Italian cuisine in the restaurant that keep visitors coming back. In addition to the springs, Beitou stone, a radioactive mineral known for its therapeutic values, is indigenous to the area, and guests are invited to experience its legendary power while achieving repose through the multiple treatments available in the adjoining spa.